Monday, June 17, 2013

DCC ~ Etchall Challenge

 Personalized Casserole Dish

This month, the Designer Craft Connection
Blog Hop challenge is sponsored
by Etchall(R) Etching Cream.

This product is so amazing!
Simple technique and outstanding results!

I purchased a glass casserole with lid;
perfect for pot luck meals,
and cleaned the glass thoroughly with
a 1:1 ratio of vinegar and water.

I have a Silhouette cutting machine,
but I've had technical errors and have been
unable to upload the program and
play around with my new machine.
I know it will be amazing once I figure out
how to use it, but for now I had
to use the pre-cut stencils already on hand. 

Since the frame stencil was not self-adhesive,
I used a stencil adhesive spray.
Craft fail alert!!!
Either I didn't use enough spray adhesive,
or the stencil was just too detailed
for good results.  So sad.

My alphabet stencils were self-adhesive,
and as you can see, the etching looks amazing!!

All you do is apply the etching cream
with the squeegee, allow it to
sit for fifteen or twenty minutes,
use the squeegee to return the cream to
 the bottle (to be reused! Love it!)
and then remove the stencil and rinse
with water.

When my mother-in-law goes to her next
pot lot dinner, there will be no
doubt as to which casserole dish is hers
once the meal is over!

Love this idea, and I have a new favorite
craft medium ~ Etchall(R) Etching Cream.

~ AmAzInG!! ~


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I just love this dish idea and I am sure many others will also. Thank you...Barbee...<{{}}><