About Me:

I like these lips ... mmm ... ooogah booogah!

Abridged Version:

My name is Meggan.  My kids call me Mom, Mommy, and MOM!!!  My husband calls me Babe.

Longer Abridged Version:

I'm a stay at home mom.  I use that term loosely, as I'm rarely at home.  I have four children with my husband of seventeen years - they are thirteen, twelve, nine, and seven years old.  Sandwiched somewhere between all those boys is our daughter - YAY!!  We have some pink and glitter in our lives!!  I'm not knocking the snakes, snails, or puppy dog tails ... I'm just happy to know things like glitter spray exist, and I get to use the stuff!

This is actually the second year I've stayed "home" alone.  Previously, our kindergartener was in school from 12:30pm to 2:30pm (who thought that one up?  I hardly had time to drop him off and go to the bathroom before I had to be in the pick-up line at school).  So once again, the house is thrown into an uproar at 6:15 every morning, and by 7:30 the dust and Cheerios have settled.  Which is when you'll find me here.  :)

I don't like to cook.  I do like to paint.  I have a smile on my face when I'm painting.  I have a pained look of concentration and torture on my face when I'm cooking.  I didn't realize this on my own; my daughter informed me this was true.  I wondered why she kept asking me, "why do you have that look on your face when you're cooking?"
I love owls.
I love color.  If I had to pick a favorite,
it would be green.  Avocado Green!
I'm OCD.  My kids' tee shirts are color coordinated hanging in their closets.  Sometimes I do things ten or twelve times before I'm okay with it.  Sometimes, I just get tired and say, Okay with it.
We used to keep chickens.  Twelve little birds to scurry around and eat all the bugs in our yard.  When my kids asked for a dog, I told them we had chickens. I collected their eggs every day for eight months before I could eat one of the brown speckled things.  It was delicious.

We've since moved closer to the school,
and we no longer have our chickens.  I look forward to having
them again soon, along with ... hopefully ... my own greenhouse!

I don't like chocolate.
I mean, I crave it occasionally, but one or two M&Ms is all it takes.
I'm finally listening to adult music 
after thirteen years of the baby-toddler-kid stuff ... 
partly in thanks to my daughter who loves music and dance.  
Mine was a gradual conversion; I didn't leap of any buildings.  
We started with Hannah Montana and Kidz Bop.  
Now I'd throw those off a building to listen to the Now stuff.

I'm not a big phone person.
Meaning, I don't much care to talk on the phone.
But I'll answer if you call me.

You can email me: megpiedesigns@yahoo.com
or you can write me a letter:

Meggan Maravich
PO BOX 452551
Grove, OK  74345-2551

I want to hear from you!
Trust me, I do!!