Maravich Building Project

This page is for keeping our families up to date
on our latest building projects.
Our land - the pond 
on the right as you pull into the property.

Our "driveway" will be a quarter-mile long -
right now, it's a dirt road.

At the end of this road ...

When the May 22, 2011 tornado passed through,
we were fortunate to only have poured
our slab ... 

here are a few pics
of the damage to the trees and power lines:

This pic shows where the build-out will be:

Next ... some of the beams went up.

Then the truck showed up to drill for water ...

... so now we have a well.

The builder's brother is a water witch ...
for real!  He broke off a tree limb
and walked around with it to determine the 
best place to drill for water.
Turned out he was right.
Imagine that!

We've (they've??) started the build-out:
(my art studio, Doc's weight room, a bunk room
with laundry hook-ups, a closet, a bathroom,
and the kitchen will be in the open).

It's time to start choosing my paint colors!
This is the best part.
Or maybe, the best part is seeing
the colors I've chosen
in the early morning, midday, and evening light.

Total build-out will be 2,000SF - downstairs.

We will have the entire second story
available for storage.
(With a roomy 9' vertical height)

I can't wait to store all our crap
in perfectly-organized,
clearly-marked storage bins
stacked neatly and pleasingly on the second story.

I wonder how long I'll be waiting for
that tall order??

More about the building

September 9, 2011
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