Monday, June 23, 2008

Initial Post

I've just finished creating my logo online, and I'm working on a press kit to take to the summer CHA show. I thought I would find summer a relaxing time to work in my studio and concentrate on some of those designs I've had on the back burners, but instead this summer has been almost as busy as the school year! Not only are we still taking karate and tae kwon do three days a week, we've also had two basketball camps, three vacation Bible school programs, and one golf camp ... so far ... and we're leaving for a beach vacation on Friday - I have projects to complete and suitcases to pack!

As soon as I possibly can, I'll be downloading some photos of my work. Designing keeps me sane, and my four kiddos and I have made some terrific green creations this summer! I'd love to share photos of my children holding their green crafts! They have really enjoyed eating yogurt and applesauce, and drinking small juices so they can recycle in the art studio.

I am planning to stay on top of this blog, but kids are only young once and the swimming pool is calling! God Bless!

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