Monday, October 4, 2010

Autumn Gift Tags

Autumn Gift Tags

The grandparents stayed with the kids this weekend ...
it was a welcome break for me!  When I got back on
Sunday afternoon, I was jonesing
to create something quick and fun!

With the weather getting chillier and the leaves changing colors,
I'm inspired to paint anything that reminds me of Fall.
Scarecrows, black birds, pumpkins, sunflowers,
hay bales, corn stalks, leaves, you-name-it!

I also love working with wood.  It's especially easy to paint on; and if
I need pieces cut to a specific shape, I can head out to the barn
and fire up the scroll saw, table saw, and belt sander.

When I say Quick and Fun ... I mean something I can do right now.
I love pre-cut wood shapes!  You can buy by the piece
or by the package.  Too quick!  Instant fun.

Here are the pre-cut wood shapes I started with:
three wood tags, two mini craft sticks (for the hat brims).

I always start with a sketch ... sometimes two, 
sometimes thirty-two.
When I'm happy with a design, I trace it onto 
heavyweight tracing paper.
This is the pattern - it comes up again later.
First, I wipe each piece clean with a cotton cloth, and paint one coat
of DecoArt® Multi-Purpose™ Sealer onto each surface.
(front and back)

This is my volunteer - Blondie is showing you the sealed wood
and the sanding block.  This block is Medium grit.

When completely dry, you'll notice the sealer has raised
the grain of the wood.  Use a sanding block and sand with the grain
to smooth each surface; especially the edges.
Next, base coat each main surface with acrylic paint.
(Don't forget to paint the backs and the sides)!

When completely dry, sand smooth and use the sanding block
to remove the paint from the edges.  This gives each tag a more 
"weathered" appearance.

Here's where the pattern comes in:

Line up the pattern over the piece, and use light transfer paper
to transfer onto a dark painted surface (the black, in this case);
and dark transfer paper to transfer onto a lighter painted surface.

Shade each painted section.  Before painting the crow's beak,
however, here's a trick for applying the hatch marks to his hat ...

... a rubber background stamp!  Too easy, and looks great!


Add the painted details to each piece ... then brush on sealer.
(By the way ... I used the stamp on the scarecrow's face).

Outline with black permanent marker; glue on hat brims.

Thread ribbons through holes for hanging ... and finally,

 Stamp a special note onto the backs.

Happy Fall, Ya'll!

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