Monday, October 25, 2010

Fall Break

St. Louis Zoo

 (I try to keep my eye on This One)

 Because he's a hand-full.

Even (especially?) on the train ride.

 These two have a LOT in common.

 We never miss a photo op with our cousins, the apes.

 My princess kissing her frog ...

... This One just kissing the frog because it grosses Mom out.
Hand gel, someone!  Antibacterial wipee!!

 This One never missed an opportunity to play dead.
Notice his tongue hanging out ... like in the cartoons.

 This one actually spent the break doing exactly the opposite
of whatever happened to be posted.
(Like, "Don't Stop on Railroad Tracks") 

 No further explanation necessary!!!

  The St. Louis Science Center ...
(I'm pretty sure the sign said, "No Climbing on Teeth")

 This one's rarely any trouble.

 I wish I was this nozzle-headed guy ... so I could turn
my handle to OFF!  As in, No More Runny Nose!
Six Days Is Enough, Already!!!

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