Thursday, October 28, 2010

Halloween Plant Pokes

You might think I'm obsessed with plant pokes.
Over the top.  Out of control.
Maybe I've made a few ... (a few dozen)!!
Or, if you know me, you know maybe
that's a little bit true, but actually I just 
bought some shims at the
lumber yard and I'm really inspired.
Like, super inspired ... 
to paint Halloween Plant Pokes. 

It all started with these guys.  I still love 'em.
We're tight, these guys and me.
I could make these scarecrows in my sleep -
(and believe me,
I've actually lain in bed at night wishing I was
painting scarecrows).

But she was fun, too ... guess you can't really
see her freckles and warts ...

There, that's better ...

... mummies, of course ...

... and Frankenstein!
Hmm.  I'm taking each teacher a mum tomorrow
morning with these Halloween
characters poked inside the pots ...
Hope they like looking at them as much as I
liked creating them!

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