Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Spider Headband

This is a super quick and easy craft project!
We whipped this up Sunday evening.

 Amelia specifically requested a Spider Headband.
She felt she needed the extra pink hair clip
just in case her girlfriends wanted a closer look at the spider.
She didn't want that shank of hair in her face,
I imagine, even briefly.

Black acrylic craft paint, Craft Twinkles, Chenille Stems,
a paintbrush, a 1" wood button plug,
and a hand drill.
Not pictured: glue gun.

Drill four holes all the way through the button plug.
Paint plug black, then brush on Twinkles.
Eyes are dip dots of paint (or, you could use googly eyes).
Insert chenille stems into holes and bend.
Glue spider body to headband.
And there you have it!  Super creepy!!!


Miss Jules said...

This is adorable! I hope I remember to make it next Halloween.

megpiedesign said...

Thank you Jules! I'll try to make a Re-post of my Fall projects - or maybe I'll come up with a new headband for Halloween! :)