Friday, November 26, 2010

Baby Jesus Ornament

Christmas is my favorite season,
and Jesus is the reason!

Here are the wood pieces you'll need to create one:

(1) 3" Circle, (1) 3/4" Circle, (1) 3/4" Button Plug, (1) 1 1/4" Stocking
You'll also need craft glue, acrylic paints (red, white, black, flesh, gold)
and Plaid® Extreme Glitter™ in Gold and Red.
A multi-purpose sealer, a black permanent marker,
pink powder blush and a cotton swab,
and ribbon or cord for hanging.

Use a drill bit (1/4") or Crop-o-Dile punch to make a hole
in the top of the circle for hanging.
Base coat the front, back, and sides of the 3" circle Red.
Brush on 2 coats of Extreme Glitter™.

Paint the stocking with 2 coats of white paint.
Seal with a multi-purpose sealer.
Add details with permanent black pen.

Paint the 3/4" button plugs flesh. 
Swirl on pink powder blush with a cotton swab.
Dot the eyes black.
Seal with multi-purpose sealer.

Paint the 3/4" circles gold.
Brush on two coats of Gold Extreme Glitter™. 

Glue stocking onto ornament.
Center halo above stocking and glue in place.
Glue head to halo.
Outline details with black permanent marker.

Thread ribbon or cord through hole and knot ends.
Hang on your tree or use as a
package tie-on or gift tag!

So sweet!!!


Unknown said...


Mary Lou/Meg said...

From one meg to another, I love this ornament

Bea said...

What a lovely ornament!! I have been searching for ideas online and this one is my favorite. I will try to adapt this idea to fomis or felt, so each student of my homeroom can make one for the classroom tree. Then, they can take it home for the Christmas season! Thank you again!!

Unknown said...

Thank you so much! I'm pleased you like this. Bea ... I think it would look great in felt! If it would help, I could send you a pattern. :)

Erika Clark said...

I was so delighted to stumble on your project looking for ideas for my son's 2nd grade Christmas party. I'm going to do these, they're so precious! Thanks for sharing your talent!

Unknown said...

Thank you Erika! I'm so happy you found this inspiring!! I would love to see a pic if you make these for the Christmas party!! :)

Amanda said...

Just stopping by to let you know that I have featured your project on Fun Family Crafts! You can see it here

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