Friday, November 5, 2010

Excuse Me, Do You Have Any Christmas Wrap?

I'm Spring Cleaning ... yeah, I know it's Fall ... 
but, it seems like there is not a better term for it, regardless
of the actual time of year.

I am almost finished with my Christmas shopping.
I'm waiting on a few deliveries, but I am
(other than stockings)
really, truly, finished.

So, I was thinking ... while I'm cleaning ...
what kind of wrapping paper do I want to use this year?

And then I found this:

 There were a few rolls on my closet shelf, 
a couple of rolls behind my long coats, 
and I found more rolls on the closet floor in the back corner; 
so I consolidated them into this basket.

Then, I found this:

 Uh, OH YEAH!!!  I remember these ...
So now I'm thinking, do I have any gift tags?

Yep, these are familiar ...
but ...
I actually have a ginormous manila envelope
filled with matching gift tags - where is that??

Oh, goody!  More wrap.
I guess I'm covered on Christmas paper.
I'm thinking I can surely find a color combination
that I like, and then all I'll need to do
is purchase coordinating ribbon.

I have to get back to my closet ...
I'm afraid I'll forget to look for that manila envelope ...


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