Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Homemade vs Purchased


Ordinarily I don't think it's much fun to purchase
something I know I can make ...
but I decided yesterday that by the time I
selected the wood,
drove 30 miles to the other house
where I have a barn full of saws and sanders,
cut the pieces,
painted, sanded, and distressed the wood,
put it all together,
then drove 30 miles back to put it on my porch ...

that $16.99 was worth the
immediate satisfaction of unloading a finished
project from my car and nestling it among
the pumpkins, lanterns, and 
crispy fall leaves already gracing my porch!!!

I don't feel as accomplished or proud when
I look at it - but it's still pretty stinking cute!!!

So, in this case ...

I'll be making my Christmas decorations
right here at home, though!
(and, I'm thinking I could make a batch
of these for next year)
Great Thanksgiving favor idea!


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