Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Tipped Hat Snowman

This is a variation of the very first project I
had published!  Ten years ago;
and I'm still making them!

Snowmen will always be popular, in my opinion.
Here's what you'll need to make one:

The 3.25" wood tag we've been using,
a craft stick cut in half (also remove rounded ends),
a 6" ribbon for hanging,
Acrylic Paints: White, Red, Black
Multi-Purpose Sealer 
Pink Powder Blush & Cotton Swab
Extreme Glitter: Red; 
Tacky Glue,
Sanding Block, Permanent Black Marker,
Plastic Snowflake Button,
Tiny Bling,

and ... the special touch ...

Tulip® Slick Dimensional Fabric Paint
in orange.
I know there are products more suited to
woodcrafts than the fabric paint,
but this is what I've been using for ten years
and why change a good thing?

Brush on Multi-Purpose sealer (front, back, and sides)
When completely dry, apply two light coats of 
White.  Attach the hat brim (craft stick) with Tacky Glue.
Sand edges with Sanding Block.

Paint hat and hat brim with several coats of Red.
When dry, sand the edges to remove some of the paint.

Apply Extreme Glitter Red.  I usually apply two thin coats.
More coats = more glitter!
Add dip dots for eyes with stylus and Black paint.

 Use pink powder blush and cotton swab to swirl cheeks.

For traditional coal smiling mouth,
dip stylus into a small puddle of Black paint.
Starting on the left blushed cheek,
apply dots in a curving row;
dipping stylus into fresh paint before each dot.

To shake things up a bit, I've created a crooked
little smile with a damp liner brush
(dip into clean water and blot on paper towel)
and Black paint.

Practice the nose on scratch paper or paper towel
before applying to your ornament.
Start on the left, apply an even amount of pressure,
sort of "scribble" up and down to create 
the base of the carrot nose,
then pull towards the right ending in a point.
The key here is applying the same amount of pressure
as you're creating the nose.
Squeezing too hard creates a large blob
which is difficult to work with ...
not squeezing hard enough will give you a
scrawny-looking carrot.

So PRACTICE is the key!
Figure out just what it takes to create 
The Perfect Carrot Nose!!

I would sooooo love to see your creations
if you've chosen to make any of these tag ornaments!
Feel free to attach a pic of your ornament
in the comment section, or email it to me at 
and I'll upload it for you.



Anonymous said...

great tutorial

Isabella Costallat said...

Dear Meggie!
I just love your blog and your art!
I put a link in my blog and I think you´re gonna received a lot of brazilians´ visit!