Monday, November 1, 2010

Trick or Treat

What a busy Saturday!  We had a kid-shuffle,
(one to the town to the left, two to the town to the right, 
and we picked up an extra)
a basketball tournament, mass,
dress-up hour, and Trick or Treat.

Lots of this ...

... and lots of this ...

... and LOTS of THIS!

She wanted to be a Random Princess.
I said, "Sure!  What's a Random Princess?"
She said, "You know ... NOT a Disney princess."

 This one wanted to be a werewolf.  A SCARY one.
I'll admit, I didn't even ask the other boys.
They were all scary werewolves.
I wanted to have my princess carry a basket
with a scary werewolf head in it ...

... but she declined.

We lost a werewolf to a neighboring town;
and I was (for once) grateful
to see last year's
Good Fella outfit laying around ...

... because we needed it for our guest!

You'll be interested to know he tricked treaters
out of 118 pieces of candy this weekend.

and I finally located this noisy little thing!
She was hiding in the bushes outside the police station.
I'd have given her a treat if I'd had
anything on me that
didn't contain high fructose corn syrup ...
... or chocolate.


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