Monday, December 27, 2010

Dolphin Headboard

This is the photo I just received from a friend ...
her daughter just loves dolphins.
Her grandfather wanted to make her a headboard
as a Christmas present 
and I was asked to paint the details.

This is what I got ... completely sanded and base coated.
Just the way I like to start a project!

 (Personal Note: I haven't met "Grandpa"
but I would paint details for him any day ...
he did a fabulous job sanding and base coating this!)

And here is the photo I was given:

 This was a personal challenge for me.  I consider my style
to be more "whimsical" and less "realistic" ...
 and these are some seriously realistic dolphins!!

I started with a horizon line; 
(where the water meets the sky).
I base coated the dolphins with gray acrylic paint.

 My signature "dip dot eyes"
I say signature, because I am incapable
of making any other kind. 
Believe me, I've tried.
It's not pretty.  It's pretty scary ...

I used black and white to mix various shades of
gray for shading and highlighting ...

 ... and for the fluffy clouds and the suggestion
of waves, I used a wash of white.

I was concerned about these dolphins actually
looking like they were jumping out of the water;
and I was concerned about making the water
actually look like water ...
but I used a toothbrush to spatter white paint onto
the tails and "water" beneath,
and when that was completely dry,
I brushed several coats of Extreme Glitter over the water.

 I know I did the best job I could do ...
and I hear the recipient is happy so I'm
completely pleased!
Her happiness is all that matters in the end.

Challenge yourself!
I'll tic that off my own list as Lesson Learned!

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