Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Holiday Hustle

Otherwise known as ... 
Escaping the Holiday Hustle!

This amazing view from our ground-floor condo
is helping to chase away all the thoughts
of things left undone at home ...
(not succeeding ... but definitely helping)

My outdoor boy ... gone in the mornings when we wake
up (still in view, of course) and we have
to call him inside in the evening with
bribes of food and drink.

I probably didn't make good use of my time in the
days before we left.  I did get six
batches (read: six HOURS) 
of Snack Mix baked and delivered
(teachers, bus drivers, security)
and I tidied the house in hopes that Santa
will come while we're gone.

My little darlings just before the school
Christmas program.
Ah.  They look so sweet.  Very deceptive.
Just kidding.  Not.

So after the Christmas program, we rush home,
throw on jeans (ties and taffeta in the laundry room)
and prepare for our long drive ahead.
Road trip!!!


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