Monday, December 27, 2010

Santa Baby ...

Ho Ho Ho
These are quick and easy little
gift tags!!!

I used the square version of the 
round paper coasters I used for the 
Toy Soldier Gift Tag ...
available here:

I used a trim paint roller to paint
the front, back, and sides of each coaster
with Red acrylic paint.

Cut small belt shapes with the Sizzix machine
from black paper.

(Crafty Girlfriend did this part;
if you're interested in making these,
I can get the sizing and die information for you)

Brush on Extreme Glitter (Black)
and apply tiny bling with tweezers and
jewel glue.  For the
"boy" versions, we left off the bling.

Here's the fun part:
obviously, these needed a little
"something" for texture.

I decided to use textured snow.
My personal favorite is ... (drum roll please)

Glistening SNOW-TEXTM
Glittering Snow
 by DecoArtTM

I tried other textured snows for this ...
believe me, this is the best.
It's your call.

Apply textured snow with a craft stick.

These can be personalized,
on the front if you're brave,
on the back if you aren't ... heh heh ...

Punch a hole with the ever-handy
Crop-o-Dile hole punch
and thread with a glistening elastic
or even a gingham print ribbon.

I just love Christmas!
I know it's over already; but in my opinion
it came and went too quickly.

Look for more of my "catch-up"
Christmas craft blog posts to follow ...

for now, my little cocktail is calling
me from the other room ...
"come drink me!  my ice is 
m e l l l l l t i n g ! ! !"

(Crafty Girlfriend ... and Santa's belts!)

Peace out!

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