Friday, October 14, 2011

... and we have curtains!

Actually, I've had curtains for a few days.
I'm multi-tasking right now ... I have a few irons
in the fire.  Nothing new there.

I'll show ya:

Kitty Pails, Shelves,

more Curtains, a POP of color in the way
of flowers and a ceramic vase,
and some unfinished ornaments pulled
out of storage by Crafty Girlfriend
with instructions to
Some towel storage in the barn bathroom,

Some Jack-o-Lantern and Frank Pails,

more POP in the bathroom,

and, you guessed it, more POP ...
as well as a few scarecrows awaiting finishing
touches and friendly snowmen;

... and a few of my shelves ...
while they were still empty.
I would have taken a pic of my shelves FULL,
but my camera battery wasn't cooperating.
I'm looking forward to the weekend!
I'm hoping to spend many hours
in my studio making lots of
holiday goodies!!!
Peace Out

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