Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Quick & Easy Birthday Canvas

I try to be creative when it comes to
giving birthday gifts.
If I really think I can paint
something the birthday boy or girl
will like or use,
then I paint something.
Usually, it's a personalized bin
that I can fill with drawing paper,
paints, markers, etc.;
but not this time.

Here's how I made this:
I chose a blank pre-stretched canvas
and acrylic paints in colors
to coordinate with the birthday girl's bedroom.

Here's the quick and dirty
on how I base coat large backgrounds:
I use a roller with a clean sponge,
I squeeze multiple colors of acrylic paints onto
a palette (in this case, a disposable plate),

Roll the sponge into the paint
until it's covered.

The beauty of this technique, is that you
can cover the canvas completely and quickly, 
with no pattern and no cause for
concern if you run out of paint.
Simply apply more paint to the palette
- randomly -
and then apply the paint to the canvas
until it's covered.


Here's another tip:
store the sponge in sealed Cling Wrap -
it will stay nice and moist
and you can use these same colors again.

Next, I hand painted her name onto the canvas.
Please note, had I used tracing paper
and transfer paper to apply the name, it would
have been perfectly centered and each
letter would have been the same size.

Instead, I got this.

I shaded around each letter with a deeper
shade of the background color.

Then, I applied a darker shade of green
to the bottom half of each letter.

Then I randomly applied polka dots
with sponge stipplers.

Finally, I applied a sparkly glaze.

And used a hot glue gun to attach a
furry boa around the canvas.

Happy Birthday, Emma!

- peace out -

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