Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Cork Board Sign - Believe

My new favorite surface to paint on?

I especially love these little cork boards
I found in the stationery aisle at Walmart.

Paint the front, back, and sides with black
acrylic paint.

Once the black paint has dried thoroughly,
paint with two coats of white acrylic paint.

Use a sanding block to lightly remove
paint from the sides and corners of the cork board.

I trimmed a piece of tracing paper to the
size of the cork board, and wrote
the word BELIEVE to make a pattern.

Line the word BELIEVE along the left side of
the cork board, and use transfer
paper and a stylus to apply the pattern.

I left some space at the far right edge
of the cork board for a tree design.

I sketched the tree to scale on scratch paper,
and made a pattern with the tracing paper.

Center the tree design in the space
to the right of the word BELIEVE, and use
transfer paper and a stylus to transfer
the design to the cork.

Use a round brush to paint over the pattern
for BELIEVE with red acrylic paint.

Paint the tree a bright green with
a dark brown tree trunk.

Use a holly green acrylic paint to add the
stars to the tree pattern.

Outline a star shape for the dot
of the letter I in BELIEVE.
Paint the star with gold acrylic paint.

Use Extreme Glitter periodot green
to coat the entire tree with glittery paint.

Use the round brush and green paint
to make a swirly border around the edge
of the cork board.

Brush acrylic sealer over the entire
piece, and allow to dry.

Use a black sharpie marker to
outline the entire piece, as shown
in the photograph:

There you go!
A super cute and whimsical BELIEVE sign
that can be incorporated into your
Christmas decorating.

Makes a great gift, as well!!

and always BELIEVE in the magic!!

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