Monday, December 26, 2011

Holiday Cork Sign

You may remember that my
new favorite surface to paint on is

I bought several of these cork panels
in the stationery aisle at Walmart.
I love that they can hang either vertically
or horizontally, with the attached keyhole hangers.

This is what they look like before you paint them.

I used two coats of red paint
(applied with a paint roller)
and one coat of Plaid Extreme Glitter
(for added glitz!!)

I taped off a stripe at the top
and painted it green, and then coated
the stripe with Plaid Extreme Glitter in green.

I made a pattern of the names I wanted
to use to personalize these holiday
cork signs ... and then I applied the pattern
lines with transfer paper and a stylus.

Paint over the pattern lines with
white paint and a medium round brush.
I left some extra space at the right
side of the sign to add a little holiday
icon ... like a sprig of holly or a Christmas tree.

For the tree, paint a medium green
triangle and use the round brush loaded
with light green to make the branches.

For the sprig of holly, I painted
two loose loops in two different shades
of green paint.  I went over the loops several
times to make them stand out.

Then I added the holly sprig inside the loops.

I sealed the signs with Multi-Purpose Sealer
and used a permanent black marker
to outline the details.

I added some dip dots to the tree for interest,
and a light brown trunk shaded with
dark brown on the left and lower sides.

So simple!
Peace and Holiday Cork Signs

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