Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Just Some Pics ...

I have so many projects
that I should be working on, I thought
I'd use my typical escape route:

Sometimes Kitty Blu is an excellent reason
to put things off ...
in this pic, I think I am nearly finished
with the laundry, and then I realize -
wait!  First Kitty takes a nap,
THEN I re-wash all the socks and underwear.

Here is Kitty Blue.
When she realized I left the linen drawer
open, she nearly broke her neck
leaping out of the sink (where she'd been
drinking water from a soaking pot),
scrambling across the countertop
(displacing all sorts of items like draining tupperware
lids and the vegetable peeler),
and throwing herself haphazardly into the drawer,
then recovering and looking not-quite innocent.
And like she had every right to be there.
And then she saw me with another stack of
kitchen towels.
Foiled again!!!

But best of all,
I nearly broke my neck leaping
(okay, just running) across the slick floor,
scrambling to my camera bag,
fumbling with the zipper that has
never given me trouble before,
and racing back to the window 
(removing the lens cap while I ran)
just for this shot:

Wow!  What a buck!!

Peace and Merry Christmas

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