Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Woodsies(TM) Believe Sign

Okay, I'll admit it.
I'm a little obsessed with
Believe signs this year.  I've made
about three dozen.  Or so.

This one is super easy!!!

For each Believe sign,
you'll need one Woodsies(TM) wood slat,
acrylic paints in red, white, and two shades of
green ... and Extreme Glitter in Red.

A Crop-o-Dile or hand drill to
make holes in the corners of the sign for
hanging; craft wire for hanging,
and jingle bells or snowflake buttons
to accent the craft wire.

Base coat the wood slat with red.
Don't forget to paint the back and the sides.
I used a paint roller, because I made
twelve of these.

Paint the fronts of the slats with
Extreme Glitter in Red for extra glitz.

I taped off the top of each slat
with painters tape, and used a paintbrush
and green paint to make a stripe.
You could skip this step.

I wrote the word Believe on tracing paper
and transferred the word to each wood slat with
light colored transfer paper.

Use white acrylic paint and a round brush
to go over your pattern lines.

I decided to dot the "i" in Believe
with a sprig of holly leaves and berries.
I made a tiny pattern and transferred
the design directly over the "i"

Paint the holly leaves green.

Use a lighter shade of green
and a liner brush to outline the leaves.

Make holes in the top corners of the sign and
thread the wire through for hanging.
Before threading the wire through the
second hole, thread on jingle bells or snowflake
buttons for accents.  Then thread the
loose end of the wire through the second
hole and twist to secure.

Dot holly berries with bright red paint. 
Dot berries with white paint.
Coat sign with Multi-Purpose(TM) Sealer.

I didn't have my camera in my studio the day
I finished these signs, so I took
a pic with my phone.  I LOVE the way this looks!
It's my profile pic on fb and it's my
screensaver.  It makes me happy!!!

Use a black permanent marker to outline
the sign and the holly leaves.

Peace Out!!!

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