Monday, October 8, 2012

Glittery Halloween Bats!!

These Halloween Bats were made possible
by my very good (and crafty!) girlfriend, Laura ...

... because she supplied me with the awesome
triangular bat bodies cut on her amazing
saw by her crafty self, and then she even base
coated them!!!  So, if you're starting
from scratch, cut the cute little bat shape
(which is basically a triangle pennant shape with
bulging eyeballs ...)

I sanded the edges to remove some
of the paint ('cause that's what I like to do)
and I added Extreme Glitter Gold
to their eyeballs ('cause that's another thing
I like to do) ...

I sketched out a bat wing shape on tracing
paper, then laminated it and trimmed
the edges so I could use it like a stencil.

I took one sheet of black self-adhesive felt
and one sheet of black glitter felt,

and adhered them together to give the
wings some weight.

I love glitter felt!
Who invented this stuff??
A genius, I say.

I used my white chalk pencil to
outline the bat wings on the black felt.

I love how the glittery eyes
are all matchy-matchy with the glittery wings.

I used one floral wire stem as the hanger.
I looped the ends together
and "sandwiched" them between the bat
body and the bat wings.

The eyes are two small Woodsies
wood circles - painted
black and then Extreme Glitter-ed,
of course.  ;)

Super cute!!  Love these bats!

Thanks, Laura!!

~ Peace and Happy Halloween Bats ~

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