Friday, October 12, 2012

~ Makin's Clay® Blog Hop ~

Welcome to the Makin's Clay®
Blog Hop
where 12 designers have
been given some awesome Makin's Clay®
products and creative license to ...

... well, create!!! 

My mind went in nine different directions
when I received all this wonderful
product, and you have a chance to win some, too!

Makin's Clay® is offering a price package
valued at just over $111.00
with products including clay, tools and a Memory Frame Kit!
To enter,leave a comment on the  
Makin's Clay® Blog telling us which project you liked best
on the blog hop.  The winner will be randomly drawn
from all entries on or about October 24th.
We will announce the winner
on the Makin's Clay® blog
so please check back Thursday,
October 25th to see if you have won!

 I was definitely in the holiday spirit ...
I made a Santa frame:

and a pair of candy bucket pokes
for Trick or Treating:
(You could poke these into a pot of
mums and they'd make a great teacher's gift!)
 To make the Santa frame,
I painted an unfinished frame with
two coats of light green acrylic paint.

 Once the paint was completely dry,
I sanded the frame lightly with a sanding
block.  (Paint raises the grain of
the wood, so I like to smooth it down
with a sanding block before I move on).

 I wanted the Santa faces to look like
they were "tumbling" or "blowing" across
the frame, so I found a wispy stencil and
applied it to the frame with white
acrylic paint.  Once the paint was dry,
I sanded the frame again and wiped it with
a clean towel to remove the dust.

 I used two sizes of the Makin's Clay®
ice cream cone cutters to
make the Santa faces.

 I would have used white Makin's Clay®
for all of my Santa faces,
but I'd already gone through all my white
clay. (I had way too much fun with this stuff!)
 Since the clay can be sanded and
painted once it's dry,
I used some of the terra cotta clay
to make the rest of my Santa faces.

Once the cut out shapes had dried
completely, I painted them with acrylic
paints in red, white, and flesh tone.

 Once the paint was dry,
I used a nail board to file the edges.
I like to remove some of the paint,
I think that's a fun look.

~ I also think glitter is fun,
so I applied some glittery red paint
to the Santa hats.~

 Next, I used a Snow Writer
(which is puffy paint in a tube)
to apply Santa mustaches and to
give the hat a "furry" white band.

Once the textured paint had dried,
I dipped a tooth pick into black
acrylic paint and dotted the eyes; then
I arranged my Santa faces onto
the frame and attached them
with craft glue.

I also made some Halloween characters,
and those were really easy, too!

First, I painted two wooden paint stirrers
with black acrylic paint.
Then I rolled out some terra cotta Makin's Clay®

and used the Makin's Clay® wheel
to cut the clay into strips.

 Place one painted stirrer in the
center of the strip of clay,

 then fold the clay over the stirrer
and press the edges together
to seal them.

 Fold the pressed edges to the back
of the stirrer and smooth with
your fingers.

  To make the bolts that hold on
Frankenmonster's head, roll a small log
of clay and cut it in half with
your Makin's Clay® tool.

His nose is a tiny ball of clay,
and his hair is a narrow strip of clay
trimmed with the clay wheel.
The Witch's nose and warts are
three balls of clay.

Once the clay has dried completely,
(approximately 24 hours)
paint Frankenmonster's head green,
his bolts gray, and his hair
black.  Dip the handle of a paintbrush
into black paint and dot the eyes.

To finish, I used a liner brush
and black paint to give Frankemonster
a big smile and a scar on his
forehead with tiny stitch marks.

The Witch's face, nose, and warts
are purple.  Dip a paintbrush handle
into black paint to dot the eyes.

Make a flat circle of Makin's Clay® and cut
away triangles to create a star.
Once the star has dried, you can
paint it with orange glitter paint.

To finish the Witch,
I used the liner brush to give her
a big smile, and one little tooth.
I also painted the warts with black paint.

I tied a scrap of black tulle to the
Witch's head, and applied the glittered
star shape with craft glue.

I hope you find these projects inspiring!
Please use the DCC Blog Hop
blinkie at the top of this post to
hop forward and see what the other
eleven designers have created.

Don't forget to enter to win by leaving a comment
telling your favorite Makin's Clay® project!!

~Peace Out~



Ann Butler said...

What fun projects and a great use of the Makin's clay, thanks for sharing Meggan!

Dawn's Craft Place said...

Both of these are so creative,I love the Santa' Who would have thought an ice cream cone.

Sue Eldred said...

too cute. So creative.

CindiB said...

Absolutely ADORABLE! I love how you thought "outside the box" and turned those ice cream cones into Santa's! Thanks for participating in the hop!

Madeline said...

Clever ideas!

CindiB said...

ADORABLE! Such a clever idea using the ice cream cones as Santas! Thanks for participating in the hop!

Jen Goode said...

I see you had a ton of fun with the clay, such a great idea. I love how creatively you used the ice cream cutter - brilliant idea! Thank you for sharing :D

Carmen said...

I cracked up at the tumbling Santas. :) You've got all the holidays covered with these cute and fun projects!

Anonymous said...

I always appreciate a great article or piece of writing. Thanks for the contribution.