Friday, November 9, 2012

Smoothfoam(TM) Snowman Heads

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The Crafter's Foam

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Here are the SmoothfoamTM
products I used in my project: 

 You will also need 1/8" dowel
(cut into three 1" lengths)
acrylic paints: white, light green,
dark brown, dark green, red, orange, black.
Fabric scrap, child's sock, small wood heart,
1/4" button plug, 1" flat wood circle,
snowflake stencil, dimensional textured snow

 Paint the SmoothfoamTM brick with
two coats of light green paint.

Shade around the brick with dark brown.
Add some holly leaves and the word snow.
Shade around each design element
with dark brown.
Highlight the holly leaves with white.

Add red paint to the bottom third
of each letter.  When dry, shade the very
bottom of each letter with a second
coat of red paint.

 Sand lightly with a sanding block
to remove some of the paint.

Use the handle of a paint brush to add
red dip dots to the holly leaves.
Outline the design with black paint.

Paint the wood circle with white paint.
Paint the 1/4" button plug with orange.
Blush cheeks with pink powder blush.
Add a smiley mouth with black.
Use craft glue to attach the circle to the 
SmoothfoamTM base.

Use a 1/8" dowel to help hold the SmoothfoamTM
balls while painting.  Paint the balls white.

Sand one side of each 1" length dowel into
a rounded tip.  Paint dowels orange.
Use a dot of craft glue to secure the
painted dowel into the hole in the ball.

Blush cheeks with pink powder blush.
Seal with a sparkle glaze
(clear sealer with glitter).

Dot eyes and mouths with black paint.

Spray paint child's sock with red.
Cut the toe off the sock.

 Put the sock onto the snowman,
smoosh top of hat down and use
craft glue to secure.
I just love that word.  Smoosh.
Kind of a combination
of Smash and Squish,
but with the vowels changed.
Oh, nevermind.

 Wrap the fabric scrap around the
bottom of the snowman;
secure with craft glue.

My eight-year-old said
he really liked my
"cowboy" snowman.  Pfft!!

 Secure each snowman head to
the base with craft glue.

Paint small wood heart red.
Once the paint is dry, add a coat
of sparkle glaze
and attach to the sock hat.

Use a toothpick to apply textured snow
to the carrot noses and to
the base of each snowman head.

Twelve designers were given some amazing product
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Best of luck! I hope you win!! ;)


Marilyn Gossett Designs said...

These little guys are really cute!

Dawn's Craft Place said...

This is just fabulous! Love the step out tutorial and wonderful pictures. Great job sweetie

christi said...

what an adorable scene. love all the different personalities, especially cowboy snowman.

Meggan Maravich said...

Thank you so much! :)

Eileen Hull said...

Your little snowmen are adorable Meggan! Great job...

Meggan Maravich said...

Thank you, Eileen!

jengd said...

Your snow-heads are adorable! Love your "snow" writing too!

Anonymous said...

How adorable! I especially love the cool lettering!