Monday, December 31, 2012

Sofa Pillow Make-Over

I bought these throw pillows when we moved into
this house four years ago.
They've come unstitched, and I've mended them.

They were looking p r e t t y sad when I
decided to make them over.

My pillows are constantly being folded, fluffed, tossed,
stuffed, and wadded up by at least six
(and sometimes more) people every day.
They prop feet, they prop elbows, they prop shoulders,
they're used as weapons, they're squished under tushies,
they're carried from room to room.
I wanted new covers that would
be rugged.  I wanted them to hold up to the beatings
and not burst at the seams with the slightest pressure.

I decided to use a canvas dropcloth.
After all, these drop cloths are used for years and years,
they're painted on, stepped on, dragged around,
folded up, shuffled around ... they must be tough.

Materials List:
Canvas Drop Cloth
Sewing Machine
or Needle and Thread
Fabric Paint
Masking Tape
Paint Roller or Brush

So I washed and dried the dropcloth
with my favorite laundry soap and softener.
So they'd start out nice and fresh.

Then I measured my old pillows and cut
squares about 2" wider and longer than the pillows.

I ripped the seam running down the center
of the drop cloth so I'd have smooth fabric.
(I could have purchased a smaller drop cloth,
and maybe there wouldn't have been a seam,
but I purchased this nice big one instead).
I used a permanent marker to outline a square onto
each fabric piece, so I could sew nice straight seams.
I may not have cut perfectly straight edges, is what I'm saying.

I wanted to paint a quick and easy design on
the fabric.  I thought stripes would be fun.  
I used fabric paint and
masking tape with two different widths.

I taped off a striped design down the center of each
fabric square, and used a roller to apply paint.

I couldn't decide if I wanted a monogram on the
pillows, or another design element,
or just the stripes.  I decided to stencil a flourish
onto two of the pillow fronts.

Eh.  This didn't excite me.
But I forged on ... I can always make new ones.
With the right sides together, I pinned a painted
fabric square to an unpainted fabric square.

I sewed a straight stitch around the edges
of the fabric, leaving the center of one side
open for stuffing.

You know that saying, measure twice, cut once?
I probably didn't follow that ...
... which is why I outlined the square with
a permanent marker.  Then I just followed along
the black lines with my sewing machine.

I'm a fly-by-the-seat-of-my-pants
kind of girl.  Especially when it comes to sewing.
I sort of have a brand new experience
every time I drag out my sewing machine.
I have to re-learn how to use it.
It's that short term memory thing I've got.
That's my story, anyway.

Hey!  It worked!  I probably had to rip out a 
few seams and restitch them.  I'm not admitting anything.
I turned the pillow cover inside out.

I'm sure there were several ways I could have
gone about stuffing my new pillows.
Here's what I did: I folded each pillow into
thirds and crammed it into my pillow cover.
then I stuck my whole arm inside to make sure
that the pillows went all the way down in the corners.
Then I folded the open seam inward,
pinned it, and sewed it closed.

 Badda. Bing.
I may have had to rip the seams out
and restitch them a couple of times.  I'm sure that
wouldn't have happened if I'd just used a 
needle and thread to close the seams.
But stitching, ripping, and re-stitching seemed
faster, somehow.  Heh heh.

Times four.

My eight-year-old said I should make new pillow
covers and use really soft, fuzzy fabric.
Ha!  Like soft, fuzzy fabric will hold up to what
they put these pillows through!
Not happenin.
I told him he can use these pillows when he's
on the sofa, and he can use his soft, comfy pillow
when he's in his bed.

Here's the BEFORE pic again,
so you don't have to scroll to the top to see
how much better they look now.



* Peace and Pillow Fights *

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