Thursday, March 21, 2013

Smoothfoam ~ Spring Wreath

Spring Wreath
I love the light weight of Smoothfoam ~
it makes the perfect addition to a simple wreath.
Smoothfoam Disc 6"x1"
Grapevine Wreath
Tulle Bow
Sanding Block
Sharpie Marker
(2) 12ss Swarovski Crystals AB
Craft Glue
15" Length Craft Wire
Pink Powder Blush
Cotton Swab
 DecoArt Americana Acrylic Paints:
* Honey Brown, * Yellow Ochre
* True Ochre, * Snow White
* Peony Pink, * Razzle Berry
* Hauser Medium Green
* Hi Lite Flesh
* Traditional Raw Sienna

Paint front, back and sides of Smoothfoam Disc 
with Honey Brown.  Allow the paint to dry thoroughly,
then use sanding block to distress surface.

Place design pattern onto Smoothfoam Disc,
and transfer pattern lines by outlining with a stylus.

 Paint face and neck Hi Lite Flesh;
shade with Honey Brown.
Paint hat with Yellow Ochre;

shade with True Ochre and highlight
with Snow White.
Paint the collar Snow White.
Paint flower with Peony Pink
and the leaves with Hauser Medium Green.
Shade around hat and paint hair
with Traditional Raw Sienna.

Outline center swirl of flower with
Razzle Berry.  When paint is

thoroughly dry, use the cotton swab to
swirl pink powder blush on the cheek area.

Eyes are dip dots of black. Mouth is black.
Use Sharpie Marker to outline main design

and add wisps of hair.

Because my daughter decided that this
painting was clearly of her,
that we should add earrings.  I used two
Swarovski Crystal and craft glue to add the earrings.

To attach the Smoothfoam Disc to the
grapevine wreath, wrap the craft wire around
the wreath leaving 1" lengths at the ends.

Press the ends of the wires into the
side of the Smoothfoam Disc.
Tie a huge tulle bow around the wreath at the
top of the Smoothfoam Disc.

Happy Spring!

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