Thursday, October 3, 2013

Rustic Wreath

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Here's a repost of my featured
Rustic Cardinal Wreath:
Thanksgiving is at my house (again) this year ...
I've made all my guests a family initial
cardinal wreath.
(I'm also making these for teacher's gifts!)

So simple ... here's what I did:

10" Grapevine Wreath, 4" Gold Initial, Bird's Nest Pick,
Floral Pick (evergreen, pine cones, berries),
Cardinal with alligator clip,
20 gauge crafting wire, wire snips
needle nose pliers (to help with tightening wire)
hot glue gun

First, cut a 12" length of craft wire
and wrap it two or three times around the initial.

Attach it to the side of the wreath.
You may have to turn the wreath a few times
to determine the best place for the 
initial.  The thinnest spot works best.

Turn the wreath over and twist the wire ends
together to secure the initial.

Poke the bird's nest pick into the wreath near
the top of the initial.
Poke the sprigs into the wreath.
Secure with crafting wire and/or hot glue.

Clip the cardinal near his nest ... and there it is!

Quick and easy!  A nice take-home favor
on Thanksgiving Day.

~ Peace!!! ~


Rachel Willow'z Design said...

those are absolutely beautiful. That is such a good idea. You always have the neatest things.

Meggan Maravich said...

Thank you so much, Rachel! Hope to be crafting again soon. :)