Wednesday, September 29, 2010


So You Think You Can Dance?

Heck, no!  I can't even do an aerobic step DVD without falling off the step ... repeatedly ... and bruising my shins.  I finally decided it doesn't matter how toned and nice my legs look if they're covered in black and purple bruises.

My kid can dance, though!  This past weekend my daughter and I met up with some of her fellow competition dancers and their moms in St. Louis for the SYTYCD? Tour ... it was amazing!

First of all, the arena was filled with dancers ... all dressed to the nines and wearing shoes I would fall off of.  (A bonus to being able to dance - apparently it helps you be able to walk in those very popular stilted shoes)!

I'm posting pics of our very own glamorous group ... 

... The Dancers ...

and ... The Moms.

Amelia and her friends cheered and hollered after every performance.  She whispered little alerts into my ear before each dance ... a few of her comments: "Oh!  I remember this one ... she'll be wearing pink!"  and "Oh!  This one is my favorite!"  and "This one will be really cute ... watch!" 

As if, perhaps, I wasn't giving the show my full attention.  She needn't have worried - every dance was amazing and the music was great and overall it was a fun experience that I wouldn't mind repeating.  On our way to the car afterward, Amelia says, "I believe I've lost my scream!"  

No doubt!

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Sandy said...

What a great memory for both of you!