Thursday, September 30, 2010

Sneaky Peeky!! - Nut Goody Jars

Sneak Peek!  

This is one example of the recycled containers I'm working on for food gifts.  The detailed how-to instructions, patterns, and artist tips will be in the Spring (March/April) issue of Crafts n Things. 

I will repost then with step-by-step photos.
I'm not allowed to post them now ... something about death or lawsuits?  Or maybe, that's just cheating.  At any rate,
I would like to share some tried and true tips on how to clean the jars for painting.  No harm there, I'd say. 

 First, rinse the jars and lids and remove the labels and glue.  Soaking in hot water helps soften the glue, and the really sticky stuff can be removed with Goo Gone.  Wash them with hot soapy water.

Use rubbing alcohol to remove any ink stamped onto the glass.  Believe it or not, those tiny stamps can come back to haunt you!  They'll bleed right through your paint.
I always wipe the jars and lids down with a 1:1 mix of vinegar and water.  This removes the oils from the surfaces so the paint will stick.

Seal the jars using a sponge brush and a multi-purpose sealer.
(I like DecoArt(R) Multi-Purpose(TM) Sealer - I've been using it for years.  YEARS, I tell you).

Tape off the tops of the jars.  You don't want to get any paint into the threads on the jars, since you'll be using these for food.  Apply several light coats of acrylic paint, allowing plenty of drying time between coats.  Several light coats are better than one thick coat!
(Chew must tvust me on zis, Grasshoppa!)

All righty!!  That should get you started.

Remember to save your cans and jars!  I have boxes full and they've saved my life a few times.  They don't wear a cape and swoop down from a tall building and scoop me away from the purse-snatcher, but almost!  I can paint a gift can up pretty quick and they make great last minute gifts for hostesses, teachers, co-workers and friends.

I'm hoping to work on Christmas designs next week!  I've got some goody container ideas I'll share, some fun painted picture frames, and the ornament designs I'd like to work on.  I love Christmas ornaments ... especially the simple ones.  Every year, I make each student in my kids' classes a homemade ornament ... I'm thinking this year I'll use mini chalkboards as my surface.  I'll dig some out from years past and post a pic.  

Oh yes ... of course, I'll have to paint eighty of them.  Yikes!
Happy Thursday!


abs said...

These jars are fabulous...can't wait to feature them in the magazine! Great job!!

megpiedesign said...

I'm glad you like them! I can't wait to see what the photographer does with them! :)