Tuesday, September 14, 2010

There is a floor in there!

I can't seem to keep my thumb on top of all the little things that need to be done around here, so I go through spurts of letting things lie and then maniacally cleaning and purging until everything is in order again.

This week: the Boys Room.  I generally keep my head held high when I enter this room, not really looking around, trying to ignore the high pitched squeal of things calling me from under their bed.  I hang up tee shirts and stuff underwear and pajamas into drawers and leave quickly.  This week, however, I had had enough.

I stripped the bed, vacuumed around the mattress, pulled everything out and into the hallway, from 1/4" Legos to the 3' stuffed dino.  OUT!!  I ran a broomstick under the bed - back and forth - until all the little lost items came rolling out.  An entire plastic solar system, still attached to the fishing line hangers, forgotten stocking stuffers from Christmas, still in their tiny boxes, socks, Barbie shoes, candy wrappers, magnets, colored pencils, robotic insects, dust bunnies the size of Juneau, Alaska ... you wouldn't believe what came rolling out from under that bed.

I couldn't even vacuum the floor - I used the Shop Vac!  I took pictures because I hadn't seen the actual floor in so long!  My husband was amazed their area rug was still there!

Ah!  Today I suffer for yesterday's madness.  The room is clean, the bed is made, the closet is color-coordinated, and I'm suffering from swollen eyes, a scratchy throat and a cough like the bark of a Great Dane.  Dust allergies!  WOOF!

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