Thursday, October 14, 2010

Book Club - October

Author of this Blog, Danielle, Danielle, and Jen

I love Book Club!  Every other month we get together for
dinner and drinks and about two hours 
of just visiting and catching up and

... sometimes ... 

we talk about the book!
Here's our next read:

I thought it sounded pretty entertaining - especially considering
we happen to be four
"Ladies of the Lake" ourselves!!!

Here are the little goodies I made for our group this week:

Bookmarks!!!  Fall-inspired bookmarks, specifically.

Just something colorful to slip between the pages so we can pick
up wherever we left off.  I've had a few requests for
quick and easy craft bazaar or fundraiser projects ...
I'd say these qualify!

Danielle, Danielle, and Jen ... Again!  I love you girls!

Up Next: How To's!!!

1 comment:

Jen Gallon said...

Had a great time Wed. evening. Here's to book club forever!