Thursday, October 14, 2010

Here's what's coming: A Sizzix Blog Hop!!!

This Blog Hop features 62 of the top designers
in the Arts and Crafts industry.
  What's a Blog Hop, you ask?  Here's how it goes:

Each week, each designer will post a photograph and article
based on the featured die. 
Each designer will have her own interpretation of the die -
I can't wait to see all the amazing projects!
You can begin hoppin' at any one of the featured blogs. 
From there, you'll be directed to the next blog ... and so on.

The Hop begins November 4th and will feature these top designers:

Amy Anderson
Ann Butler
Beth Watson
Bonnie Bruns
Brenda Pinnick
Candice Windham
Carla Schauer
Carol Heppner
Cathleen Smith
Cherish Fielder
Cheryl Miyashiro
Cheryl Mezzetti
Cindi Bisson
Cindy Rippe
Claudine Hellmuth
Colleen Schaan
Debra Quartermain
Denise Clason
Dina Wakely
Eileen Hull
Einat Kessler
Erin Madsen
Gretchen Schmidt
Jane Dean
Jen Goode
Jenn Ellefson
Jennifer McGuire
Julianna Hudgins
Julie McGuffee
Julie Fei-Fan Balzer
Karen Burniston
Kathy Cano-Mur
Kathy Peterson
Katie Hacker
Ken Oliver
Keri Lee Sereika
Laura Bray
Linda Peterson
Lisa Rojas
Lolly Chessie
Lorine Mason
Madeline Arendt
Marah Johnson
Meggan Maravich
Melodee Cusineau
Melody Ross
Melony Bradley
Michelle Cumming
Niki Meiners
Phyllis Dobbs
Roann Mathias
Roxi Phillips
Sandy Laipply
Stefanie Girard
Stephanie Barnard
Tara Noel
Terry Ricioli
Theresa Cifali
Tiffany Windsor
Veronica Goff
Vicki O'Dell

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