Friday, October 1, 2010

Fast Forward to Christmas ... (just for a minute!)

I'm not able to craft today ... the house is clean, the laundry is finished, and we're waiting for the grandparents to arrive.
(Thank Goodness!  Hurry, Mema!!)

I've gathered my magazines, catalogs, and books together to peruse over the weekend - Inspiration, I'm looking for you! 

Here's the pic I'm using to feel inspired to paint for Christmas!

And here is what I'm looking forward to finishing up on Monday ...

I'm thinking this guy needs a little jingle bell and some curly wire hanging from his hat!

These are super quick and easy designs made with pre-cut wood shapes.

I love the "immediate satisfaction" of completing a project quickly - 
it makes me feel more productive than the lengthier projects.

After adding the finishing touches to these little ornaments next week, it's back to more Fall Painting!  There are quite a few teachers and friends on my holiday give-giving list!


abs said...

Super cute designs!! :)

megpiedesign said...

Thanks, Abby!