Friday, October 15, 2010

Friday's Meaningless Observation

Well, I had to make the trek into town today.  My
nail appointment was waaay overdue.  I decided to stop by
the lumber yard ...

Just shy of three figures later, I am SO excited about my finds!
I've got more ideas about what I'm going to do with this wood
than I actually have wood!  
But I have to start somewhere.
Lowe's isn't going anywhere (I hope).

I had to trade vehicles while I was in town.  Here's where
my meaningless thoughts come in.  It is amazing what I WON'T do
when I'm driving the Enormous Black Beast.

First of all, in my suburban, I am SUPERWOMAN!
I'm not even kidding about that.

I can hit the grocery for fresh fruit and veggies, Braum's for
ice cream, milk, cheese, and yogurt;
Walgreens for deodorant and shampoo;
I can get my hair done, and my nails done;
I can drop off items here, pick up items there,
run by the Grove house for the mail, the Grove post office
for the (other) mail, and still be home before the ice cream melts.


When I'm driving the Enormous Black Beast, it's a completely
different story.  I won't change lanes, even
though I'm following a tractor at a break-neck 20mph;
(on the HIGHWAY)
I won't get the mail from the post office,
(that's a sharp left turn in and I just got the mail yesterday)
I won't attempt the drive-through,
(even though I'm craving a QP with cheese and a Coke)
although, I considered for a moment
parking at the funeral home and walking across the street
to McDonald's ...
I won't stop by the nursery because I don't want to
put eight small pots of geraniums in the back
and listen to them scoot and slide all the way home,
I won't do Walgreen's
(I'm pretty sure I have a travel-size deodorant somewhere)

Basically, I put my prized wood purchase in the back
of E.B.B. (you remember - Enormous Black Beast)
and drove straight home without passing Go
or collecting $200.

Speaking of which, I also would not pull into the tiny
parking lot to make a deposit.

So ... there it is.  Suburban = Superwoman
EBB = Not So Super

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