Thursday, October 14, 2010

Technically Challenged

I have to admit, it's killing me that my
little icons on the right side of the screen are 
not the same size, shape, and perfectly centered!
I'm afraid I'm not only Technically Challenged, but a Lost Cause,
as well.  I have no memory.  I can drive somewhere a
hundred times, and get lost coming home.
I can edit away; cut, paste, post, move, and even get it right 
... eventually ...
and the next day it's like starting from scratch.

Well, the page is annoying; but I'll comfort myself by
admitting my kids are happy and healthy.
So what if it drives me bonkers to look at my blog??
So what if there's still laundry from the weekend
piled on the bench waiting to be put away?
So what if I've been walking around the giant Lego mess
all week long?  So?  So??

See that bar stool to the left there?  That's where I sit all week. 
I can totally step over that pirate ship without falling.

(Not exactly sure what's going on here, but it looks like 
both the military and the firemen are involved).

Wanted: Technical Experience
Cooking and Cleaning Skills a Plus
(but not Mandatory)

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