Monday, October 11, 2010


This is what my kitchen table looks like this morning:

Unfortunately, in order to keep it looking like this, I must
spend my Monday out in this:

I've been avoiding this.  I've been adding to it rather than
taking away from it, and now ... the time has come.
I honestly don't know how it gets this bad.  I think I just cleaned
and organized this garage studio last October.
I'm making a resolution now to clean it and keep it clean.

Here are a few weekend highlights:
My twelve year old ran in a Fun Run in Vinita, OK.

92 runners ... all ages ... 
My kid came in FIRST in his age group and NINTH out of 92!

Go Brady!!!

Also ... some girl time this weekend:

 A little pre-party before Taste of Grand in Grove, OK.

Friday night ... dinner and drinks and children  ...
I have to show you the "front side" of this beautiful baby ...

How cute is this??  What a sweet face!!!

All righty, then ... off to tackle that garage.

Here's to Tuesday - May I Spend It Painting!!!

Happy Monday!

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