Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Why Not?

Another Scarecrow 

After I got the kids off to school and cleaned up the breakfast
dishes; I realized I had a headache.

Organizing the garage was on my agenda for today.

I decided to paint something, instead.  I can usually work
through a headache, and I had a project to do for a school teacher.

You may have noticed I'm in the mood to paint for Fall lately -
specifically, scarecrows.

But, I wasn't sure a Happy Birthday goody tin for a teacher 
should have a scarecrow on in.  So I thought and thought.
And sketched and sketched.  And thunk and thought some more.

I asked my daughter last night ... after all,
it's her teacher with the birthday, and she is the one
who requested I paint her a pail and put something in it.

"Anything with flowers or hearts would be nice, Mom", she says.

Finally, after hours of thinking, two Extra Strength Excedrine,
and no painting getting done, I thought ... Why Not?

She has a Fall birthday, so why not a scarecrow?

I went with it.  Scarecrow ... complete with flowers and a heart.

Tonight, we're making Snickerdoodles to put inside our pail.

Happy Birthday, Mrs. Lee!

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