Saturday, November 27, 2010

Christmas Initial Tags

Christmas ornament, package topper, gift tag ...
these are quick and easy to make
and the recipient feels so special - it's clear
you've made this just for them!

You'll need a 3" wooden tag shape,
wooden initial, acrylic paints, tacky glue, and
ribbon embellishments.

I painted the tags light green, then sanded the
edges to remove some of the paint.
Brush on a coat of hologram glitter.
 (I use Plaid Extreme Glitter)

Paint the initial red or gold, and apply
the appropriate color glitter.
(Red glitter over red paint, and Gold glitter over gold paint).

Add white polka dots to the red initial.

Add a coordinating bow and tie a cord through
the hole for hanging.

Cut strips of rick rack to fit across the top of the tag
and glue into place.
Equally cute hanging on your tree,
tied to a wrapped Christmas gift
or decorating a goody bag full of treats!!!

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