Saturday, November 27, 2010

Penguin Gift Tag

 A wonderful Christmas treat for
neighbors, co-workers, or unexpected holiday guests:

Bake a batch of Snack Mix,
put it into a jar with a bright red lid and tie on 
this cute little Penguin Gift Tag! 

Make a pattern by tracing provided outline onto
tracing paper with a thin marker.
You will have to enlarge the pattern to fit.

You'll need transfer paper and a stylus to
transfer main pattern lines
onto your painted gift tag.

Here are the supplies you'll need:

(1) 3" Wood Tag, (1) 1" Square, cut,
Acrylic Paints: Black, White, Marigold, Multi-Purpose Sealer
Sanding Block, Ribbon for Scarf, Ribbon for hanging,
Scissors, Pink Powder Blush and Cotton Swab,
Hot Glue Gun and Glue Stick,
Easy Cutter Ultimate, and Permanent Black Pen

Cut the 1" square into two equal triangles.
This will be the penguin's beak.

Paint the tag with two coats of White acrylic paint.
Transfer center pattern lines.

Paint outside edges, sides, and back of tag Black.

When dry, use the sanding block to remove some
of the paint from the edges, as shown.

Use pink powder blush and cotton swab to swirl
circular cheeks on penguin's face.
Use stylus to add dip dot eyes with Black.
Paint triangle beak Marigold and sand edges.
Seal with multi-purpose sealer.

Tie ribbon around tag for scarf; trim ends with scissors.
Knot ends of smaller ribbon and loop through
hole for hanging.

Use glue gun to attach beak over scarf and just
below penguin's eyes.

Use permanent marker to outline penguin's beak.

Don't forget to sign and date the back!!

Peace and Penguins


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