Thursday, January 27, 2011

Stick Puppet Valentines

Stick Puppet Valentines 

Grab those extra paint paddles from your last
painting project (or ask your local
paint store owner for a donation in your sweetest voice)
and let's get started!
You can poke these inside a little potted plant
or whip up a dozen or so for classroom

Here's what you'll need to get started:

A paint stick, Woodsies shapes:
(1 large circle, 1 small circle, 2 small teardrops for kitten;
1 small circle, 1 small teardrop, 2 large teardrops, 1 large oval for puppy)

Acrylic Paints: Decoart(R) Americana(R):
(Carousel Pink, Baby Pink, Slate Grey, Black for kitten;
Antique White, Bleached Sand, Light Cinnamon, Slate Grey, Black for puppy)

Two ribbon scraps, a permanent marker,
a sanding block, and tacky craft glue.


 Use tacky glue to attach two teardrop shapes
to back of paint stick for kitten's ears.

  Paint kitten body and ears Carousel Pink;
sand edges with sanding block.

Paint large circle Baby Pink,
and small circle Slate Grey for nose.
When dry, attach with tacky glue.


Base coat paint stick and one large teardrop
(ear) Antique White.

Trace large oval randomly onto
face and body; paint these spots and
other large teardrop (ear) Light Cinnamon.

Paint oval Bleached Sand;
paint small teardrop Baby Pink
(for tongue)
and small circle (nose) Slate Grey.

Attach pieces with tacky glue.
Dot eyes with black paint and a stylus or
the end of a paintbrush:

Tie a piece of ribbon around the "neck"
and outline the details with
a permanent marker.

Woof you be Meow Valentine??

Peace out!!!

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