Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Feed the Birds!!!

Sitting outside the dance studio last night,
I remembered I hadn't filled the bird feeder and a
MAJOR STORM was about to hit.

I text my husband, thirty-five miles away at home
with the boys:

"please fill the bird feeder before
the (insert snowman icon here) hits"

and I get in reply,

"we will"

I love technology!!!
In the middle of the night, I woke up for
two reasons: my six year old was between us
in bed with a 104° fever,
(so he needed a dose of Motrin and a
cooling strip for his forehead and back);
AND I was worried that the raccoons
would eat all the birdseed
out of the bird feeder!

From the house, it looked like two of the
tubes were clogged; so out he went ...
... my adorable husband ... 

... into the snow ...

... to unblock the tubes, top everything off
with fresh birdseed, and ...

 ... here they came!!!

This is the view from my bedroom window:

This pic is of the back deck;
look under the wooden chest ...

They're so quick, I couldn't catch them with
my camera, but the birdies are
ducking for cover underneath the chest
on the back porch!
My husband told the boys the birds
are under there playing poker
and smoking cigars.


1 comment:

Pat said...

Thank you for that brief moment of humanity and pix of nature's beauty.