Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Hair ...


So, this weekend is dance competition!!!
And as I was twisting
and twirling and wringing my kid's hair
into the required tidy bun
atop her sweet head, I realized ...
A) the layers we had cut into her
hair this summer were wreaking havoc
on my bun attempts,

2) the layers poked out in eleventy-two
directions and couldn't be tamed
by any product I used,


C) it was time to get rid of the layers.


Hop into my chair, little girl ... hee hee hee!!!
(Just kidding - we love Jana, our stylist)

Ahh!!!  Who doesn't love to have their
hair washed???  Soooo relaxing!!!

Tame this mess!  Tame it, I say!!

Hmm ... looking better already.

A little blow dry ... Ow!!  Mom, that dryer was HOT!!!

And there we are!!!
I know it'll be easier to do her hair
this weekend ... I just KNOW IT WILL BE!!!

Okay, okay ... I had mine done, too.
Why make a second trip??

 Jana's flat iron was broken ...
too bad, cuz my hair is much prettier after
it's been burnt to a crisp and ironed flat.

This is what's important!
She's happy, even though this isn't
nearly as short as she likes it!
Happy Girl = Happy Momma
Happy Momma = Happy Everybody Else
- Peace Out -

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