Tuesday, February 15, 2011


This is quick and easy ...
it's best in the summertime with
home-grown tomatoes,
but it's delicious absolutely anytime.
Chop an onion ... nice small pieces.

Chop about four medium tomatoes -
I like to keep these pieces small, as well.
Chop one bunch of cilantro.

Stir together; add a dash of olive oil
and some coarse ground salt.

In the summer, I add a fresh jalepeno.
Or, when my grocery store has a fresh jalepeno.
Ah, rural life.
Anyway, I added about two tablespoons
of diced jalepenos.
Been busy in the kitchen today -
guess I forgot to take a specific picture
of the finished pico de gallo ...

but here it is, and it's mmmm tasty!!!!

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