Tuesday, February 15, 2011

where the snow is piled as high ...

... as an elephant's eye.

Actually, I've no clue how high an
elephant's eye is, but I'm guessing it's
at least this high:

Crazy high piles of snow.
I'm thinking it isn't going to melt
anytime soon ...
because, how could it?
How tall is a car?
An SUV or a mini van?
Because the snow is piled even
higher than that.

This is my new ride.
My "mid-life crisis car" seats eight.
I never thought my
mid-life crisis car would seat eight,
but I never actually planned on
having so many children.


They kind of have to have somewhere
to sit while we're riding around.

Anyhoo ...
more on my new Swagger Wagon later.
And a big thanks to my friend,
Trish, who named my
new car for me.
Swagger Wagon!!!
I love it.

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