Monday, February 14, 2011

a silly poem for Valentine's day

Happy Valentine's Day!!!

When searching for the perfect goody
for my four littlest Valentines
I stumbled (literally - but that's another story)
upon this tackle box
of treats.

Just the right size ...
not too BIG nor too teeny.

A variety of sweets ...
chocolate, crunchy, and gummy.

 And just gross enough
for my pack of three boys,
while still pretty to look at - 
chocolates wrapped in fish foils.

and upon closer inspection,
I wasn't disappointed, but intrigued
at the colorful bait selection choices.

There were bobbers and
worms and tiny fish bait, and 
even small frogs to fish with ... but wait ...

what kind of thing would be
looking to eat
this selection of bait, so
sticky and sweet?

Why, my little things,
of course, for you see ...
they like the treats that don't 
appeal to me.

My four littlest Valentines
my four special kids
each have a new bait box
with tight-fitting lids.
Happy Valentine's Day!
Peace Out

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