Friday, February 18, 2011

Simple Strawberry Shortcakes

Well, if I made it, you know it's simple.

Wash and remove stems from two
quarts of strawberries.
There's probably a special tool for this,
but I use the rounded tip of a vegetable peeler.
Slice strawberries.
Here's where some family differences
come in:

My husband, let's call him Doc, or Mr. Sweet Tooth,
thinks you should add a cup of sugar
to the bowl of berries and let them sit.

I, call me Mrs. Health Nut, don't care for the
idea of adding sugar to the berries.
I know it makes them sugary and syrupy and
absolutely delicious,
but something in my brain won't let me
eat them if they're sugared up.
So ... to sugar, or not to sugar,
that is the question.
Set berries aside.

To make the shortcakes,
add 3 Tablespoons of melted, unsalted butter
to 2 1/3 Cups Bisquick® Mix

(that's my cheat: Bisquick® Mix ... LOVE IT!)

Add 2/3 Cup milk and stir until soft dough forms.

Drop eight spoonfuls onto lined cookie sheet.
(I like to use parchment paper)

Now here's where I don't mind adding sugar.
Sprinkle some coarse baker's sugar
over the tops of each shortcake and gently
press the sugars into the dough.
Bake for 12 minutes in a pre-heated
425° oven.
You'll know they're done when
they turn a golden brown:

Here's another family difference:
I split each shortcake and spoon the strawberries
over the tops of each half.

Doc just wants his whole shortcake
smothered in berries and cream.

To split or not to split ...
that is the next question.

Cover with berries and fresh
whipping cream!

Doc makes the very best whipping cream
I have ever tasted.
I'll post those details another time ...

You can sort of see his special
whipping cream contraption in this pic ...

mmm!!! Tasty!!!

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