Monday, April 25, 2011

Earth Day Celebration

Earth Day Celebration at Honey Creek Landing

It started out as one of those days ...


... where I find myself behind the wheel of my car,
and I remember something I need,
and I run back into the house to get it.

So ... it started out as one of those days ...

... but it got better!!!

Except, I did forget my camera.

So I begged and borrowed (but didn't steal)
my sister's camera;
(although I haven't returned it yet)

... and then I begged Carrie, owner of 
Grand Panache and my very gracious hostess,
for a pic that she took of me signing
one of my canvases.

Regardless of the chilly weather and rain

(oh! this rain has been going on and on for days!)

it was really quite fun to set up a booth
again ... it's been YEARS! ... and peddle my wares.

The day flew by and quite a few people turned
out to enjoy kettle corn, wine tasting,
Katie's yummy-delicious gourmet cupcakes ...
lots of art and photography,
trendy (adorable!!!!) clothing ...
and so much more.

I'd do it again.  Anytime!!!

Peace out

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