Thursday, April 21, 2011

Earth Day - Favorites

This is probably the next-to-the-last time
I will post about Earth Day
(because I just have to post pics of my
actual set up this Saturday!)

I just wanted to share some favorites
of a few of my biggest fans ...

Doc's favorite:
"because it would look great above the television"

my 6-year-old's favorite:
"because his eye is kinda half-closed like that"

my 8-year-old's favorite:
"because I really just LIKE this one!"

my 12-year-old's favorite:
"because you asked me to choose, and this one
matches the bar room"

my 11-year-old's favorite:
"I just wish they were frogs"

and ... my favorite ...

... because, frankly ...

Life IS Grand!!!

Peace out!!!

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