Monday, May 9, 2011

Dance Recital 2011

Our girls did a fabulous job this weekend!

This was the backdrop I painted:
8' tall by 16' long
The background was the lime green color
of the tee in the first photo.

With all the madness, I never got a good pic
of the backdrop!

Saturday morning we unloaded garment racks from the
swagger wagon, put them together in the
parking lot, hung garment bags full of costumes and
accessories onto the racks until they
bowed in the center;
then wheeled it all into the dressing rooms
and claimed our spot for the day!
Dress rehearsal lasted from 10 that morning
until a little after 2pm, when we broke
for lunch and a quick nap in the hotel room.
Then we were back in the dressing rooms
by 5pm, recital started at 730, and I couldn't
tell you how long it lasted,

but my little guy was pooped!!!

Here are a few pics:
Her ballet number.

Oh, she loves her Hip Hop class!!!

Flowers from Popo and Mimi,
and roses from Daddy.
The finale was amazing!
Wonderful dancing, great song!!

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